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The Greville Clinic | LASER TREATMENTS
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IPL Pigment & Red Vein Removal

Intense Pulse Light is a well known and well understood treatment for use in removing pigmentation and red veins from skin. The light fractures the pigment in the skin. The pigment is then taken away by the body’s natural filtration system (lymphatic). Our IPL uses its own inbuilt cooling device to make this one of the most comfortable and safest IPL machines on the market. Results are seen after your first treatment. Generally 3 to 4 treatments are needed.
Skin Consult & Test Patch – $49
Spot treatment – $49 + $5 per shot
Neck – $169
Cheeks – $129
Décolletage – $250
Nose – $69
Upper or Lower Back – $299
Chin – $69
Lower Arms – $159
Full Face – $250
Full Arms – $229


IPL Acne Treatment
Using the heat from the IPL hand piece, the P.Acne Bacteria is destroyed giving you unrivaled results in keeping your skin crystal clear. A general maintenance treatment maybe required if your acne is being caused by hormonal imbalances. This treatment is perfectly paired with the LED Therapy treatment.
Skin Consult & Test Patch – $49
Spot Treatment – $49 + $5 per shot
Neck – $99
Forehead – $59
½ Face – $129
Cheeks – $69
Full Face – $189
RF Skin Tightening

By heating the dermis to above 40 degrees, existing collagen is strengthened for instant skin tightening effect. The real results are achieved when new collagen is prompted to grow. This is called collagen genesis. Results are seen 60 to 90 days post treatment. 4 sessions are generally recommended with maintenance sessions every 6 to 12 months.
Full Face – $249
Forehead & Eyes – $189
Forehead – $129
Eyes – $99
Neck – $149
Face & Neck – $299
Ultrasound Fat Cavitation (Body Sculpt)

Sound waves enter the body using this unique device which rupture the fat cell. This causes lipolosis. The fat is then taken away by the body’s natural filtration system (lymphatic). To help this, it is generally recommended to drink plenty of water pre and post treatment. One treatment can be performed approximately 3 days post the last treatment.
Generally 6 sessions are required to shift stubborn fat.
Sculpt the figure you want in just minutes. Up to 2cm reduction in size can be seen post 1 treatment.
$50 per 10 minutes (A5 Area).


March 4, 2017